C&A Chama designs, develops, and produces biomass equipment.

Coming from an experience of more than 20 years in the sector, it reinvents itself in 2016 and creates a new industrial unit in the industrial area of Aveiro region. The in-depth knowledge, combined with the enormous investment in the entire production process, gives us greater autonomy, efficiency, and speed.

Market recognition has led to the conquest of a wide range of customers and suppliers. Thus, our main interest is customer satisfaction and quality assurance of our products.


C&A Chama‘s mission is to design, develop and produce biomass equipment, based on a growing commitment to innovation, quality resources and modernization of processes, in order to strengthen its competitiveness. To achieve this, collaborators and partners are focused on specific and critical areas of the biomass heating sector.

Monitoring and complying with the regulatory requirements and demands of this sector of activity, which is increasingly environmentally friendly, are major concerns of the company. As a result, all our equipment complies with current European standards, which certify and guarantee safety and excellent performance. 

The care taken to provide the customer with a product of extreme quality and reliability is the result of the effort and resilience of a qualified, capable, and motivated team.

The short/medium term objective is based on two pillars: consolidating the national market, further supporting current customers, and attracting new customers. On the other hand, reinforce the investment, already in progress, in the international market. The external market expansion is fundamental for the growth of the company and is the result of continuous and solid work, which allows this growth to be sustained and progressive.

The commitment of C&A Chama is centred on the systematic guarantee of the quality of its products, and it is with this vision of the future, the professionalism and the daily work of a multidisciplinary team, which aims to satisfy the needs of customers. and to assume a differentiated position in the market.